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Hi guys :D

So as you's all know I put up an event to battle for points. Although we had barely any people actually apply... We have a winner!!!  :iconhansethedog:

This is your person to go to for battle tips :D

Thank you for the others that participated too! You's all fought well :iconcharlie200: :iconchrizard-y: I really appreciate the participatio and the easy communication you's all gave me :)

Now in other news we may be starting up another contest in the near future. Towards the Christmas break as I'm well aware many of yous have other commitments such as school. So I'll start up a Christmas contest soon towards the end of the month or the start of the next. I hope we have some participation this time with the contest.

Thank you for your time :iconhoundoomlaplz:

Hey all you houndoom lovers out there :D We should all get together and have epic battles with each other and determine who the real Alpha houndoom is here

The way this should work is for everyone that wants to join this awesome battle for the alpha and whoever wins will get points as a reward but because I'm broke and don't own any points XD The winner will get 5 points, but alas! There are rules we must abide by:

What we'll need is:
-3DS or 2DS console
-Alpha sapphire/omega ruby or X/Y versions of Pokemon
-A houndoom or mega houndoom in the team
- A friend code (which all of you 3DS/2DS owners should have xD)

For those whom join I will create a map whom will be versing whom at random and one by one we will be doing elimination by whoever loses and the winner will verse a winner from a previous round at random.

I will need an even number of people to join preferably more than 6 people if we are to have an awesome event :D

If you are interested comment or note myself for more details or to enter :3

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Group Info

Group is based on the pokemon Houndoom!
and Houndour too! :)

:iconhoundoomlaplz: :iconhoundoomlaplz:
Founded 4 Years ago
Jan 9, 2013


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